No Distractions Allowed

I was called into the administration offices by the Vice Principal. She stood behind her grandiose, oppressive desk to greet me, then gestured for me to have a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

“I need to discuss something with you,” she began, still standing. “I understand that you have a bracelet on your leg. This is, uh, well. This is against our culture and our religion. You must remove it”.

“Oh, yes, of course,” I replied. “I didn’t know that it was against your culture and your religion. I don’t mean to offend anyone, so thank you for telling me.”

“Yes,” she said. “You see, the Quran tells us that a woman should not do anything that will draw attention to her. Our students are looking at the bracelet on your leg. Their attention is on you, not on their studies. You see, it’s a distraction for the students and that is against our culture and against our religion.”

“Oh, I’m very interested in the Quran,” I said. “You mean there is scripture saying that a woman shouldn’t wear a bracelet on her leg?”

“Yes,” she said. “There is.”

“Can you please tell me which one? I’d like to read it.”

“God willing, I will tell you,” she said, moving out from behind her desk, gesturing that our conversation was finished.

As she glided across the room to open the door for my exit, I noted the 2-foot long fringe on the bottom of her Abaya that shimmied and swayed with each step she took in her golden-glittered high-heeled shoes.

Oh my!

I was distracted!

My eyes, attracted to the sensual peeking out and in, out and in, of her red lacquered toes, the seductive thrust out and in, out and in, one leg and then the other, followed her every movement. My eyes, attracted to the melodic grace of her gliding, punctuated by the rhythmic swishing jiggles of her decorated hem, followed her every movement.

Oh my!

I was distracted!

And then, my nose twitched.


My nose, attracted to the luring scent of expensive perfume that filled the space as she stirred the air with her sexy little body, sniffed in generously.

As I felt the familiar comfort of the bracelet on my leg and walked gingerly back to my office to remove it, I wondered if the scripture that denies a woman to wear a bracelet on her leg is sandwiched in between others that give permission for fringe and golden glitter, painted toes and delicious smells showered over and under female secret places.

Hmm. God willing, she will show me those scriptures as well.


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