What would you do?


  • For the entire Fall semester, students did not have a business teacher.
  • One of the responsibilities of the Lead Teacher is to “cover” classes that do not have teachers; even if she is not trained or qualified to teach the subject, she has to go into the class and “cover” it. Students do not accept the teacher covering; they are disruptive, argumentative, and apathetic toward the material. Many students simply leave the classroom and wander around the school during that hour.
  • The school is understaffed in English classes as well, so the Lead Teacher covers English classes first, then goes to the business classes only when her schedule is free during those periods. It is hit-or-miss at best.
  • English teachers are randomly absent. The Lead Teacher doesn’t have any information about absences of teachers until suddenly, the Vice-principal summons her over the loudspeaker to go and cover for an absent teacher.
  • Exam time: students have to take a Ministry-designed and mandated business exam, even though they have not had a teacher the entire semester.
  • There is no option to not take the exam.
  • The grades from the end-of-term exams determine the students’ grade for the course and go on their permanent academic record.


  • The Lead Teacher can preserve the integrity of education and insist that students not cheat during the exam.
  • The Lead Teacher can provide answers, or at least some answers for the exam.
  • The Lead Teacher can turn a blind eye as students work out the answers for themselves and allow “cheating”.

What would you do?

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