I love being in a Buddhist Country!

People in a Buddhist country have a keen awareness of the fragility of life, all life. This core, deeply-rooted value is expressed in gentleness.  People in a Buddhist country are gentle.





I’d forgotten what gentleness was.


sri lanka yoga teacher on meditation islandPeople in a Buddhist country know with absolute certainty that everything changes; nothing stays the same. Everything is in a constant state of change. Everything. Even inanimate objects, like rock. Yes, even these things change because they are affected by the environment. Rocks, for example, are worn smooth, cracked open, made wet from rains, made dry from the sun. People in a Buddhist country witness these changes, appreciate each state of existence, and because of this appreciation, they treat everything with kindness.





I’d forgotten what kindness was.


sri lanka open space on meditation islandAnd because everything is in this state of change all the time, people in a Buddhist country understand that every moment is a new one; the last one is gone and the next one is yet approaching. And so, they respect and are grateful for time. Time is a series of moments, and every moment is but brief, and it is fragile, then gone. People in a Buddhist country know this about time. And so, they are gentle with time, a value expressed in the gentle pace of going about life’s daily business.





I’d forgotten what it was

to honor and respect this moment.

Each moment.


Observations of people in a Buddhist country:

sri lanka flowers and insence monks' visit

They enjoy flowers because they know that the colors will soon fade, and the sweet aromas will soon escape into the wind; petals will droop, turn brown, and fall to the ground before nightfall. They embody the phrase, “stop and smell the roses”. They are gentle with all living things.

3 monks eating at Princess

They eat slowly because they are thankful for the food and they understand that thanksgiving is more deeply expressed when the food is tasted and its nourishment acknowledged. They embody the phrase, “you are what you eat”. They are gentle in the act of eating.

sri lanka grounds keeper on meditation island

They look at you as they listen, and they look at you as they talk; they do nothing else while in conversation with you because they understand that conversation is a tool for unity, an opportunity to honor both self and others in the sharing of life. They embody the idiom, “to be on the same wavelength”. They are gentle in their communications with others.





I’d forgotten what it was

to be seen in a gentle light.


Sri Lanka man with grandson

They are deeply religious, and you know that because you see it, not because they have told you, anything about their beliefs. You see it in their behaviors that demonstrate their values: life, time, relationships, peace, gentleness.

sri lanka window on meditation island

Respect is in their very breath. And when you are in a Buddhist country, the respect envelopes you; you inhale it, you swallow it, you enfold it into your own moments, and you know, with absolute certainty, that you have been touched by this amazing gift of life. Through gentle observation, gentle breath, gentle interactions, you become transformed.




I’d forgotten what such gentle breath felt like;

I’d forgotten how gentle kindness

could open my heart

and touch my soul.


I love being in a Buddhist Country!

sri lanka bare foot on cobblestone path


Note – the pictures in this post are from my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

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