Packing for the UAE

What does a girl from four seasons pack when she’s going to the desert?

  • Sentimental things like painted rocks and decorative ornaments
  • Practical things like my favorite stone plates and coffee cups
  • Activity things like a blow-up exercise ball and my yoga mat
  • Comfort things like my favorite blanket (they’ve got air conditioning, right?)
  • Familiar sweeteners like Stevia and Splenda
  • Introvert things like books and spiral notebooks
  • Impractical, self-expressive things lie sexy high heels and heated curlers (they’ve got night clubs, right?)
  • Clothes: sleeveless maxi dresses with coordinating sweaters, flowing silky pants with long-sleeved tops, black Abayas, scarves (I’m not a scarf girl though), leggings?



I can’t lift the suitcases. Too heavy.

I’ll find a man to carry them.


I am choosing to go to the desert because I welcome this opportunity to adapt, do without, experience the desert, learn to endure, overcome and simply BE.

All the stuff I left behind

3 bags of discarded clothes, 1 suitcase of heavy objects, 10 pairs of footwear, and a collection of miscellaneous things later, I still don’t know what a girl from four seasons should pack when she’s going to the desert.

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